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"A rising star."

- Billy Costa, KISS 108FM

" the keyboard with precision and style"

- The Noise New England

"songs from the heart."

- The Examiner

Whether his music is being played during some of television's most popular reality shows or inspiring people in the aftermath of Boston's worst terrorist attack, singer-songwriter and pianist Jeff Michaels has been entertaining fans with thought-provoking lyrics examining today's biggest social and political issues while infusing them with his unique brand of humor.

Jeff's dedication to the independent music scene has been a lifelong cause and several of his songs have been licensed to over a dozen television shows, appearing in episodes of The Real World and Teen Moms (MTV) and the T.O. Show (VH1). Jeff was also a member of pop band Luce, whose music appeared on major motion picture soundtracks for How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and 13 Going on 30!

His willingness to use his music to commentate on some of society's most difficult issues has helped Jeff carve out a dedicated fan base. His song advocating equal rights, Same F'ing Sun, resulted in overwhelming fan support and attention from gay activist groups. Another of Jeff's songs, Boston Strong, capturing the city's remarkable response to the tragic Boston Marathon bombing and resulted in Jeff receiving a personal thank you letter from Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick.

Jeff's passion for creating extends beyond the world of music and into the realm of published books. His comedic travel book, Please Hug Me – I've Been Delayed, was featured on NPR and the Chicago Tribune. When he isn't writing or creating music, Jeff is a vocal proponent of human rights.

Follow on Twitter: @jmichaelsrocks

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