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Film and TV shows where music from Jeff Michaels has been aired:

CBS Sports Spectacular "All the Stars"
Married at First Sight (A&E Version) "All the Stars"

Ep. 210 "Intimacy"

Ep. 206 Moving in

Teen Mom (Season 2) (MTV) “All the Stars”

Ep. 6 Taking Sides & Catch Up Special

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JamParty video game (Zivix / Peavey) “No More Rainbows”

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The Terrell Owens Show (VH1)  “Girls Kissing Girls”

Ep. 210 Taking Side

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The Terrell Owens Show (VH1) “No More Rainbows”

Ep. 207 Love Game (intro plays while Terrell meet tennis legend Andy Roddick)

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The Real World: Brooklyn Season Premier (MTV)  “Ballad of Tommy Lee Jones”

Ep. 2101 Brooklyn Bridging (played when the transgender roommate came onto the scene). (Also used as intro teaser in episodes 2103 and 2107.)

Watch episode (Music Licensing by our good friends, Tinderbox Music.)

Real World: Brooklyn (MTV) “Closet” – 2009

Ep. 2103 The BFF-O-Meter

Watch episode (Music Licensing by Tinderbox Music.)

The Restaurant “Maybe Someday Soon”

Theme song for sitcom pilot, featuring the largest ever Boston SAG cast

DIY Network’s Sweat Equity Ep. 81 “Closet”

CBS Interactive “Closet”

VSA web usage “Imagine”


Lyrics for the song Ciarda were featured in the German book, Along the Sound, by photographer Sabine Kocem


And of course, let’s not forget the music for Wanna Meet Katie lives and breathes daily on the flesh of our favorite fan, Katie from New Mexico. Katie loved the song so much when she heard it on Pandora, she asked us for the notes to tattoo on her back. Someday we hope to meet her in person and see this amazing piece of artwork.

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