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2022 Holiday Song - Jeff Michaels Band "Drunk Santa"

It's been a challenge to come up with a new holiday song and video for nearly the past ten years straight, but then again, Boston singer/songwriter Jeff Michaels is no stranger to challenges.

Starting in 2012, Michaels has produced an annual original holiday song and video, capturing the theme of each year in his work. From 2016's "Green and Red" focusing on the need to come together in harmony after at politically polarized elections, to 2017's "It's Been a Long Time, Christmas," with its nostalgic video, to the 2020 pandemic song, "Is it Still Christmas?" featuring masked gingerbread figures, Michaels has created a time capsule of music that now spans nearly a decade.

This year, Michaels adds "Drunk Santa" to his holiday song catalog, which he says came from the idea that we started to drift away from the magic of Christmas, and reminds us we all need to do our part in believing in the Man in Red to make our holidays bright. Michaels also drew inspiration from his four-year-old, who helped with the album cover.

"Drunk Santa" was produced by Michaels long-time guitarist friend and producer Scott Barkan, recorded in Barkan's bedroom studio in LA, and in Michaels own living room back in Boston. The duo recently reunited for Michaels 2022 album, "Better When I'm Older," and are currently at work on a new album.

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