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Jeff Michaels Arrives with Sentimental New HolidaySingle “Is It Still Christmas?”

Watch “Is It Still Christmas?” on YouTube:

December 18, 2020. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a new original holiday

song from Boston-based singer-songwriter Jeff Michaels. During a year that has

presented us with more challenges than ever before, music has prevailed, and Michaels

and his band are no exception, keeping fans company once again with the release of the

poignant single “Is It Still Christmas?”

Featuring a melancholic folk-influenced melody and wistful guitars by Michaels’ longtime

songwriting partner Scott Barkan, “Is It Still Christmas?” speaks to the strange and

surreal experience of the 2020 holiday season, which continues to move forward amid

the chaos and tragedy of a historic pandemic. While many may feel as though it’s not

truly Christmas this year, with long-held traditions put on pause and social gatherings

being canceled, “Is It Still Christmas?” serves as a welcome source of comfort, letting

listeners know that they are not alone in what they are experiencing during these

unfamiliar and incredibly demanding times.

“This year was a tough one for literally everyone on the planet. I hope our tradition of

releasing a timely holiday song each year brightens the lives of our fans and friends as

much as possible,” Michaels says. “I tried to record a song that didn't specifically

mention the virus or everything else that happened in 2020, but just asks the question,

can we at least celebrate Christmas?”

Keeping with his own tradition, Michaels created a vibrant lyric video to accompany the

song, which fuses our current reality with childhood nostalgia, presenting a cast of

traditional holiday characters like Santa Claus, gingerbread men and snowmen wearing

masks against wintery backdrops featuring snowy hills, Christmas trees, and wrapped


Stream “Is It Still Christmas” on Spotify:

“Is It Still Christmas” is the latest in a long string of Christmas tracks Michaels has been

releasing since 2012, including “Too Cold for Santa,” “Green n’ Red,” “It’s Been a

Long Time Christmas,” and “Sparkle and Lights.” The song follows his timely

statement single “Long Way to Go,” which was released in September, as well as his

first album in five years, Better When I’m Older, a collaborative project created

alongside his longtime songwriting partner Scott Barkan.

Jeff Michaels’ songs have appeared on The Real World and Teen Moms (MTV), The

T.O. Show (VH1), and CBS Sports Spectacular. Keep up with him on social media:

Official Website:

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