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Brand New Music Video - World Premier!

Now that we can finally put down our phones and stop watching CNN 24/7, I thought it would be a great time to share our brand new music video, shot entirely on the iPhone (and with a fancy schmanzy drone). Just over a year ago I was chatting with my colleague and good friend Ben Exter about his new toy, a drone that zips through the sky and shoots some amazing aerial footage. "I'd love to use that for a music video," I commented. A few days later, we started wandering around Boston, trying not to get caught by the local authorities as we shot anything and everything that we felt would make for a great music video. As these things tend to go, it took nearly a year to film the various points we wanted throughout New England, and then we had the task of trying to edit everything in brilliant 4k, which we left to our friend Nick at Occulus Films (who shot and edited our 2014 video for Top of the World). "Make it look like a screensaver, but a really cool one that you'd want to keep on repeat," I asked. Nick said, "I think we need a few shots of you, so they know it's a music video." He didn't ask me to stand in front of a train with a camera on a tripod, but I figured that's what he meant. I hope you enjoy this collaborative effort for one of my favorite songs on the new record.

Check out the world premier of "Live Forever." Don't forget, our new album Better When I'm Older, and our new single Long Way to Go are available for download at iTUNES and Bandcamp, and streaming on the sites below. Listen to on Spotify Listen on Apple Music Listen on Amazon Music


IN OTHER NEWS Be sure to check out this great interview discussing what I've been up to for the past five years with the boys from Indie Music LIVE! on YouTube. (I pop in at the 5:55 mark.) Lots of great press for my new album. If you like reading about me as much as I do, you can check out some recaps on my press page. We hope to have one more special release for this year… stay tuned! Cheers! -Jeff, and friends Follow on Spotify Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:


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