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New song for social change: Long Way to Go, now streaming

I hope you have been surviving (maybe thriving, but hopefully just surviving) 2020 thus far. What a year?! I have been continuing to work on a number of projects, but wanted to share our updates from this summer, as well as a Brand New Song – "Long Way to Go".

I wasn’t planning on recording any more material for a while after finishing my last album Better When I’m Older, but with everything happening in the world, I thought we needed a bit more art to try and set our sails straight. Once again, this collaboration came as a result of the fast work of Scott Barkan, who added what I might believe to be my favorite guitar sound of all time to this track.

Check out "Long Way to Go."

Where? Good question. 

You can listen on all the normal places, but if you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you might be getting frustrated with Spotify and their endless ads (not to mention you can’t save songs and artists get paid less than $.000001 per stream…)

I’ve been going more and more to the download  world so I can own my music and play it whenever I want. If you like to do the same, check out Bandcamp -  a great source for downloading independent music. You can download Long Way to Go for absolutely free, and we’ve put every album up there in a “name your price” model. Feel free to check it out!



Earlier this summer I did a great interview discussing what I've been up to for the past five years with the boys from Indie Music LIVE!. I thought it came out pretty decent given it was done via Zoom in my apartment - check it out on YouTube. (I pop in at the 5:55 mark.) We also got a ton of great press for my new album, Better When I'm Older. If you like reading about me as much as I do, you can check out some recaps on my press page. Next month we are releasing our official music video for “Live Forever” one of my absolute favorite tracks from the new album. Lot of cool drone footage and shots that span nearly a year of filming… stay tuned! I’m not going to remind anyone to vote or wear a mask, just do your part to spread a little more love each day. Eventually, the madness will go away. In the meantime, we can blast this new track LONG WAY TO GO and know we’re all in this together. Cheers!

-Jeff, and friends

All our music available at Bandcamp for instant download.

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