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A week of Lockdown Entertainment

I hope you are staying safe, and equally as important these days--sane.

As we enter the 5th (or is it 6th?) week of lockdown and quarantine, I'm sure you're probably run through Tiger King on Netflix at least three times, binged every season of The Office, and are scouring your phone for something--anything! to keep you entertained during what will hopefully be just a few more weeks before we can get back to normal life.

During times like these, it's important for artists of all sorts to share what they do. I've given a lot of thought as to what I could to do not only help fill this void, but also to help raise our collective vibe. While my time has been limited, I've managed to get a few projects done that I wish to share.

Each day this week I will be posting something for your enjoyment on my social media channels. Be sure to follow at the links below. If you haven't seen any updates, Give a hearty LIKE and make sure these populate your newsfeed!




Here is a teaser of what you can expect!

Monday - Music Video Premier--Lockdown edition!

Some say you can't make a proper music video when you can't leave the house, or go within six feet of another human. I say, let's see what we can do with an iPhone and a video editing program while the baby naps. The resulting video was shot over 3 days from the safety of the car, and is the first video for my new album. This song felt appropriate for these crazy times.


Tuesday - A new interview. Our old friend and local TV producer Mike Cultrera catches up with yours truly, and we talk about the last few years of music and my new album, Better When I'm Older. Check out the interview on my blog.

Wednesday - A glance back. I've put together a video playlist that I think you'll enjoy, highlighting some past videos and blasts from pasts - you might even see yourself in here!

Thursday - More new music! Look, it's not all about me. Last week I sat down at a neighbor's piano with my First Lady of the Michaels Musical Family and recorded her stunning version of Hallelujah. This week we hope to add another cover to lift the spirits. Miss last week's? Listen to it here.

And finally, this Friday May 1st, I invite you to take part in my virtual album release for our new record, Better When I'm Older! We fully planned on doing an East Coast live album release, but since Taylor Swift cancelled her tour, we had to follow her lead and play it safe.

For one day only, Bandcamp is waiving all processing fees for musicians, which enables me to donate a portion of all proceeds during this 24-hour period to our local Covid-19 artist fund. I've also made available a brand new release, Jeff Michaels Band: The Greatest, which includes some NEVER BEFORE HEARD tracks... you'll want to check it out this Friday!

If you're really ambitious (and really awesome!) You can pre-order your copy at bandcamp right now!


There is no other new. We're in a lockdown! Our only goal, as someone wisely put it, is to stay safe, make sure to help others who need our help, and keep our kids alive. Beyond that, if you can find a moment each day to appreciate the solitude, take it. The moment the world starts spinning at full speed that moment is likely to be gone.

It took quite some time to pull this all together, and I hope through sharing all of this it helps us all get through these seemingly endless days a bit easier. If there's anything I can do, I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions--please feel free to reply back or post on my Facebook page.

Stay safe and healthy,

Jeff, and friends!

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