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Summer news!


It's officially summer!!! You know what that means... way-too-many hotdogs, endless fun in the sun, your favorite bands in concert and--whoa... yup, nearly forgot we're still in a pandemic. I realized this year I've been playing at my residency in the Renaissance Boston Waterfront hotel for 8 years... and since they locked up the doors in mid-March I've been missing it terribly. Despite the lack of live music in all our lives this summer, our efforts to keep putting music and art out there continue. I'm happy to share we have a new music video for Better When I'm Older.

I'd like to thank my good friends Ryan Machamer and Ben Reynolds for recording their social distancing performances during the lockdown, and Scott Barkan who cowrote this album with me, and had no idea I was filming him in the studio last year. Special thanks also to Adam Rossi who helped record the piano for this album--be sure to watch to the end to see our crazy 4-handed piano solo that somehow magically lined up with this video!

We hope you enjoy our fun little video, and if you haven't had a chance yet to listen to my new album BETTER WHEN I'M OLDER, you can do so at the links over on the left. We've just kicked off our promo campaign so now is a great time to put it on continuous streaming and Follow us on Spotify to help get our numbers up. (Those little things to the left are called CDs, and they are being sent to something known as "radio" for you kids out there!) ALSO, I've made it incredibly easy for you to now have all my music from both Even Elroy and Jeff Michaels Band in one place. Check out my new Best Of collections at Bandcamp for instant download. IN OTHER NEWS While I've been putting together these videos and music collections I've been listening to a lot of our previous music, and man do I miss playing live! I wrote a little post, "What Happened to Even Elroy?", our first band that really kicked some musical a-- in San Francisco. We're considering a little Even Elroy reunion project... you might be hearing more about this soon. And finally, I hope all you cool dads had a great Father's Day! Being a new dada myself, I'm learning it's not about the one day of sitting on the couch drinking beer (not that I have free time to do that)--it's about the 365 days of continual love and support. My dad has always done that, encouraging me to pursue my writing and music even during those times it was difficult... I can only hope I'm such an inspiration to my own little nugget.

As always, I appreciate your support, and hope you have a great start to your summer adventures. No matter where you are right now, I hope you're staying safe and healthy. That's the most important thing--everything else this years is just details. Jeff, and friends Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: PS Next month we'll hopefully be releasing the Official Music Video for Live Forever... and more BRAND NEW music... stay tuned!

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